MPL - Rugged CEC 14 applications

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21 March, 2019

MPL Product application

CEC 14 runs at 35km above ground
The customer buys from MPL the CEC 14-1, mounted on a specific cooling and mounting plate with the BACK-1 for his SSD. The CEC 14 package is built into a pressure housing with a heater, as the temperature at 35km is around -80°C. The CEC is the main controller of the science balloon used for several measurements for meteorology as well as for defence and space applications.
The customer needed a reliable and long-term available solution that can be customized according to his housing and needs.  
CEC 14 controls a weather station.
The customer builds with the CEC 14  portable x-band weather radar. The solution provides real-time weather situation and detects precipitation a distance of 200km. The solution answers the increasing demand for water management tools and hazardous meteorological phenomena detection. Watershed management, global warming adaptation strategies, flood protection, operational weather forecast, military and civil defence actions or aviation safety are supported by this radar.
This CEC 14 as well as customized for the customers need. The unit is equipped with 6 serial ports, two LAN ports all on DB-9 connectors.  The complete device is tested at MPL for  -40°C to 85°C.
Based on the above applications, you see how easy the standard CEC 14 can be adapted to your customer needs.  You are uncertain if it can be done? Talk to us and we will be able to support you.