Modular Multi-tube Heat Exchanger Applications


  • FOOD - Heating and cooling of fruit puree, meat products, biscuit doughs, sauces, jams, confectionery, pie fillings, vegetable products and pasta's.
  • DAIRY - Heating and cooling of yoghurts, custards, milk, icecream and cheese products including UHT sterilisation.
  • BEVERAGE - Heating and cooling of wine products, grape must, beer wort, soft drink syrups, pasteurisation for fruit and vegetable juices.
  • PHARMACEUTICALS - Processing of pyrogen free water, dionised water, water for injectables, blood plasmas, therapautic creams, shampoos and cosmetics.
  • HVAC - Steam/hot water production, energy recovery from refrigation systems, heating for geothermal applications and swimming pools.
  • CHEMICALS & EXPLOSIVES - Heating and cooling of mineral slurries, gases, ammonium nitrate solutions, nitric acid and hydraulic oils.
  • PULP & PAPER - Heating of latex paper coatings.
  • WASTE - Energy recovery processing of hot waste effluents, anaerobic digested sludge, autoclave blowdown wastes.