MEX streamlines asset maintenance process for MSS Safety

"If we were to quantify utilising MEX we are producing twice as much work in half the time."
"If we were to quantify utilising MEX we are producing twice as much work in half the time."

MSS Safety is a Registered Training Organisation based in South Australia specialising in high risk safety related subjects including work in confined spaces, at height and industrial rescue.

MSS distribute safety equipment which generally have a high maintenance, inspection or calibration requirement for which MSS is an approved service centre for this equipment

What challenges were you facing prior To MEX?
Prior to MEX we were using a paper based system utilising spreadsheets. Correlation of clients’ assets were completed visually, with no real method of ensuring service intervals were met. This meant that there were no detailed records of what was required and nor did we have the ability to view the previous history of each asset. In order to acquire such information we would have to troll through many spreadsheets which was time consuming and not very accurate.

How do you use MEX Maintenance Software and what benefits have you experienced since its implementation?
At MSS we are required to adhere to high levels of maintenance practices to ensure our clients safety equipment is always operating at optimal standards. We therefore rely heavily on the Preventative Maintenance module using MEX to alert us when maintenance is required on an asset. When compared to our previous paper based system using MEX has really streamlined and automated our process.

Work Orders and Inspection Work Orders are used to assist in our asset maintenance management. Conducting Inspection Work Orders means assets are effectively and continuously monitored thereby adhering to our approved servicing center standards. Utilising Work Orders has been extremely beneficial as they are generated with clear instructions of what is required and we can now simply collect relevant information allowing accurate, traceable reporting for compliance to our clients.

The barcoding functionality in MEX has also been a big time saver. By simply scanning the asset bar code we have instant access to relevant work orders. We can easily assign crucial data collected and close work orders on the spot. This has vastly improved productivity, both on the job and in admin.

Our service technicians use the MEX iOS App when on site completing maintenance tasks. This has aided our processes and made site visits significantly more productive and time effective.

Can you give a specific example where you feel MEX has led to a return on investment?
There has been a significant improvement in our timings when servicing and inspecting client assets since implementing MEX. Our turnaround on each task is now measured in hours, where before it was in days.

We have been able to utilise MEX to produce compliance reports from data collected. By uploading MEX produced reports to our web portal, clients receive compliance reports in a matter of hours, where industry standard elsewhere is often measured in months.

How do you find working with MEX?
We have been a MEX client for many years. There are rare occasions where we have issues but we can always rely on the highest level of support from MEX to keep us up and running.

I particularly have to give the highest praise to support representative, Daniel Poke. His deft hand with identifying issues and hunting for resolutions, excellent communication skills, both verbally and by email, keeping us in the loop as to how he progresses with a solution, I have to say continually exceeds our expectation of your companies already high standards.

Thank you MEX. We tell all our clients about you guys when they see us on site with our iPads, completing inspections and servicing. Our experiences with MEX just keep getting better! Excellent customer service is on the decline these days, so for you guys to consistently maintain these high standards gives us confidence to continue our relationship.

Keep up the good work!

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