MEX manages equipment maintenance for The New Zealand Salmon Co.

MEX Maintenance Experts
MEX Maintenance Experts

The New Zealand King Salmon Co. farm some of the world’s finest salmon, harvesting from 5 sea farms in the deep crystal clear waters of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand.

Established in the 1980's, The New Zealand King Salmon Co. has been committed to the preservation of aquatic environments and ecosystems. Today the company is the parent of Regal, Southern Ocean and Ora King brands and has grown to become a major worldwide producer and distributor for both fresh and smoked salmon.

Here at New Zealand King Salmon Co. we have a high need for engineering and electrical services at our farms and processing plants. MEX helps us manage these services by recording and tracking all maintenance activities carried out on all our equipment.

We chose to host our data with MEX as it aligned with our cloud strategy, to eventually have all of our applications housed by 3rd parties and delivered over the internet.

“Our Data Hosting strategy is based on the principle that MEX best knows how to manage their applications data and the intricacies of how it performs.”

Take a look at the full New Zealand King Salmon Co Case Study for more information.