MEX Maintenance Software introduces God Mode

MEX Maintenance Experts lead the way in latest push to improve CMMS functionality. The team at MEX are continuously looking at ways to improve their software and make the User’s life easier.

On 17th July God Mode was released as part of the newest MEX update. Set to streamline processes which have previously required multiple steps to achieve, MEX God Mode focuses on security and the ease of customisation. It's a one-step tool that enables you to take control of security and administration settings as well as providing a platform to customise your system to suit your needs.

Setting up security is the most important thing when setting up a CMMS system, and so it should be the most accessible procedure. MEX God Mode allows complete optimisation of Security settings with a simple click, allowing users immediate access to all four of the key components; Security, Mandatory, Change Names, and Custom Fields.

For existing users, all previous settings can still be accessed either through God Mode or extended navigation.

For more information on God Mode, you can click here.

God Mode