Metering screw feeder

Supplier: Fresco Systems Australasia
20 May, 2015

Metering screw feeders are used to accurately meter powdered, granular or flaky products in a process system.

Fresco offer both Volumetric (product flow rate by volume and set over a given time) and Gravimetric (product flow rate by weight and controlled using loadcells) types of metering screw feeders, with throughputs ranging from 1.76 l/ hr up to 13650 l/hr. Where very fluid powders are handled Fresco installs a pneumatically actuated flow control valve on the discharge of the screw tube to prevent flushing.

The crucial factor in achieving accuracy is consistent product bulk density by proper design and selection of an agitator in the conditioning zone above the screw auger. The agitator de-aerates and densifies the product to a uniform density and breaks any bridges, preventing hold-up in the hopper. This combination with a vast selection of screw sizes and types allows a wide cross-section of products to be fed very accurately.

Volumetric accuracy of ± 1 per cent to ±2 per cent and gravimetric accuracy of ±0.25 per cent to ±1 per cent, depending on the product, can be easily achieved. Weigh platforms fitted under the standard feeder linked to a batch controller provide accurate loss-in-weight feeding. Two-way RS 232 serial ports can be used to send and receive signals from other plant control systems. An easily removable front section provides access for cleaning and screw changes.

Fresco provides multiple weigh batching solutions, gain-in-weight and loss-in-weight systems that can be easily integrated with your equipment. Working with our electrical control and automation engineers we can provide high accuracy batching solutions that will ensure reliability and precision whatever your requirements.