Media Converters: Video and Data (MUX46 Series)

Supplier: LightOptronics Aust.
23 February, 2009

LightOptronics Aust. - Fiber media converters are also called fiber links, fiber modems, fiber transmitters/receivers, or transceivers. Princetel Inc. have released their latest video/data MUX/DMUX card products for use in a range of applications. They are also ideal for robotic vehicles, such as underwater ROVs (remotely operated vehicles).

MUX46R and MUX46T is a pair of highly integrated video/data multiplexers. Four channels of high-quality video and 6 channels of standard bi-directional data are converted into one optical channel and transmitted through one standard SM fiber
The standard PC104 card can easily stack up with more MUX46s or other media converters such as gigabit Ethernet, sonar, hydrophone, and USB. CWDM technology is available to optically multiplex up to 8 cards (each end) into one optical fiber pass for perfect bi-directional transmission.