Mammoth Panels installed at the University of Wollongong

The installation of 3000 m2 of Mammoth panels at University of Wollongong’s new iAccelerate building marks the largest education-based project that Mammoth Soffit Panels have been installed in.

The iAccelerate centre is intended as a purpose built space allowing for multiple working configurations while fostering an environment that helps facilitate growth for new businesses. In other words, the centre is based on the ethos of comfort, inspiration and adaptability.'

Project Coordination, the builders for the iA centre, first became aware of the benefits of Mammoth Soffit Panels' two-in-one thermal insulation and acoustic treatment when looking for alternatives to an initial proposal for a complex system of rigid foil faced insulation laminated with an acoustic tile. Faced with the difficulties and costs associated with developing a bespoke thermal-acoustic treatment, the builders jumped at the chance to satisfy both insulation and acoustic treatment specifications with a single product we call – Mammoth Soffit Panels.

Mammoth Panels satisfied the requirements for adaptability and comfort with its ability to be easily installed throughout the building, creating an excellent thermal envelope and ideal acoustic environment conducive to both collaboration and innovation.

With a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 and with attainable R-values of 2.0 and greater, Mammoth Soffit Panels are adaptable to any soffit application where typical foil-based rigid insulation would be used. Even better is that Mammoth Soffit Panels are lower-cost than many of the big name foil-faced rigid soffit panels on the Australian market. That means you’re receiving the benefits of an excellent thermal insulator and acoustic treatment at less than the price you would pay for a simple Section J compliant thermal insulation. Imagine a car park where tyre screeches don’t reverberate throughout the entire complex and disturb inhabitants working or living above.