Simple and self maintaining, cost effective Mindman MAF-401 Filter
Simple and self maintaining, cost effective Mindman MAF-401 Filter

Minimise moisture, condensate and foreign matter particles transferred into your system and maintain your pneumatic filter units on a regular basis.

Extreme humidity in some regions of Australia highlights the need to minimise water/condensate transfer from compressor through the piping system to the pneumatic tools or machinery. More specifically reciprocating (piston) compressors are more prone to creating this problem as many are operated without freeze dryers to eliminate condensate, especially when these compressors age a little they will transfer both moisture and some oil residues into the air system.

For the average compressor it is almost impossible to eliminate fully the creation of moisture however it can be kept to an absolute minimum. The standard pneumatic filter system commonly found on these systems should be checked regularly to ensure auto-drain valves are functioning and filter elements are not completely clogged.

Advanced Technology Pneumatics P/L can offer solutions to these problems with simple and self maintaining  cost effective Mindman Filter Units. As an example replacement elements as low as $5 and maintenance or offline time approx 5 minutes. 

The consequence of moisture and foreign matter has a serious effect on pneumatic components; an example is pneumatic tools which may be rested overnight with moisture having been distributed into the airtool motor prior to shut down. The steel/iron motor cylinder will have some corrosion on the surface even from just a single overnight period. This corrosion then causes a wear factor to the other motor components.