Maintenance-free load management system enhances safety and cuts costs

Load-Up suspension, centre, and some of the vehicles to which it applies.
Load-Up suspension, centre, and some of the vehicles to which it applies.

Industrial, trades and fleet transport suspension specialist Airbag Man is introducing a new range of microcellular polyurethane Load-Up helper spring kits engineered to cut suspension maintenance costs for work vehicles while increasing vehicle stability and driving safety under load.

The new easily installed range of Load-Up Helper Kits - each tailored for no-drilling installation on all major ranges of 2wd and 4wd leaf sprung vehicles - are ideal for load management and safety applications in fleet, workplace and private use vehicles because they require no inflation or ongoing pressure checks by drivers.

Load-Up kits complement the extensive ranges of adjustable air suspensions advocated by Airbag Man as an ultimate solution to safety and load handling issues. 

However Load-Up provides a 'no-fuss - simply fit and forget' option that has its own strong merits, says Airbag Man.

The Load-Up product is as thoroughly and professionally engineered as the entire range from Airbag Man as Australia's leading supplier and manufacturer of Air Suspension products for the industrial and transport sectors.

The outstanding shock-minimisation capabilities of the microcellular material at the heart of Load-Up Helper Kits have been proven widely in diverse suspension applications. 

The performance of the microcellular polyurethane was specifically developed for rugged automotive applications and has demonstrated its extreme durability and high repeated compression resistance.

"In addition to reducing suspension fatigue and maintenance costs by assisting the factory suspension," says Airbag Man, which custom-engineers air suspension and Load-Up kits for Australasian and Asia-Pacific conditions.

"Load-Up kits have major driver benefits in reducing the chance of bottoming out and enhancing braking performance through better vehicle stability under load."

Load-Up kits are adjustable for varied spring geometry and stiffness combinations and for individual loading requirements using spacers provided.

The kits reduce spring deflection over a wide range of loads.

"They help prevent sway and enhance braking safety and stability over conditions ranging from highway to Outback and throughout  the diverse road and worksite conditions found in Asia and the Middle East," says Airbag Man.

Load Up Helper Kits join the extensive Airbag Man range of air suspension kits for industrial, trades, fleet and recreational vehicles including  2wd and 4wd utilities, light and medium trucks, pickup vehicles, SUVs, vans and work vehicles.

They complement Airbag Man's extensively proven range of On-Air®  kits for coil-sprung vehicles and Ride-Rite® kits for leaf-sprung vehicles including the latest models of vehicles such as Ford F and Ranger series, Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D Max and established models from all major Asian, American and European manufacturers.