Magnetic transfer control mats

Supplier: Magnattack Global
21 May, 2014

What is being done to control transfer of dangerous stainless steel swarf fragments and grindings from workshops and temporary installation work areas?

This concern particularly affects pharmaceutical and food processing where floor areas are to be hygienic and such fragments could be walked in and contaminate a sensitive area or even a product.

Existing methods providing a measure of control include:

  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Magnetic sweepers
  • Magnetic brooms
  • Magnetic boot brushes
  • Sticky mats
  • Gel mats

Recently a patent has been applied for a magnetic base and mat overlay which includes RE80™ Rare Earth Magnet technology. The magnet has an intense magnetic surface area of over 620 sq inches (4,400 sq cms) which when walked over removes most if not all of the dangerous metal fragments adhering to work boots and shoes.

Add these at workshop exits and or sensitive floor areas and you are a long way further towards total metal fragment transfer control.

The MAGNATTACK™ base which acts through the special soil resistant surface mat has a great many of high strength magnetic pole junctions which attract and hold even very weakly magnetic particles, both coarse and fine, until the mat is removed from the magnet base and cleaned off.

MAGNATTACK™ has built in many customer desirable benefits, such as:

  • Certified magnet strength rating.
  • All stainless steel encased magnetic area.
  • Treated retention mat with 3 safety anti trip features and appropriate warnings to satisfy WHS / OHSA obligations.
  • A one piece polyurethane elastomer ramp border which both prevents tripping, retains the rubber backed mat on the
  • magnet base and enables trolleys to easily ride up and over the magnetic mat to remove fragments from the wheels.
  • Use of RE80™ high energy magnetics and patent applied for magnetic circuit which ensures extended maintenance of initial high energy force over time.

Not only is the MAGNATTACK™ Transfer Control Mat a worthy long term investment but demonstrates the Corporations responsible and diligent care to their auditors, customers and visitors.

Further information on the MAGNATTACK Transfer Control Mat can be obtained by visiting our website,, or by simply emailing or calling MAGNATTACK™ Global. One of our MAGNATTACK™ Global Magnetic Separation Engineers will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

Remember, low cost substitutes may be okay for ferrous workshop, but will not be effective on the weakly magnetic fragments associated with modern stainless steel workshops in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Feedback so far from the Dairy, Biscuit and Snack food industry is very positive with further orders in progress.

One company particularly appreciated the optional MAGNATTACK™ Mat Cleaning Magnet which quickly cleans the mat when removed from the magnet base.