Magnetic separation systems for metal fragment control

Supplier: Magnattack Global
30 July, 2013

Magnattack Global is a worldwide authority on metal fragment control for food safety and product safety.

Over the past 30 years, Magnattack Global has continuously produced answers and solutions to magnet fragment control needs in the food industry.

Many, if not most of Magnattack Global's magnetic separation Equipment designs have come from real, practical needs in the industry, and have been developed with a view to meeting these needs. There is ample witness in the industry to prove that Magnattack Global is more than capable in providing sound, efficient solutions to needs that exist in the food industry today, in the area of metal fragment contamination control.

Some of the company's most recent designs include self cleaning grate magnet systems, self cleaning pneumatic transfer systems and specialised magnetic filtration systems for liquid applications and special circular magnet designs for conical hopper applications.

Magnattack Global has offices in the Australia and in the USA and has the ability to assist with magnetic Separation requirements worldwide.

Some of the current industries serviced by Magnattack Global are dairy, flour, biscuit, confectionary, rice, grains, spices, ingredients, fruit juices, vegetable processing, bakeries, stockfeeds and pet food.