Magnetic mat used for metal fragments in poultry proccessing

Supplier: Magnattack Global
22 October, 2013

Magnattack Global have developed a high strength magnetic mat system designed to reduce food safety risks.

The special magnetic floor mat is used to provide Metal Fragment Transfer Control of Ferrous Metal being "walked" into sensitive production and office areas in the food, beverage, meat and pharmaceutical industries.

Magnattack Global, via a distributor, recently provided magnetic mat solution to a major poultry processing company for 2 of its plants in the Brisbane Australia area, along with supply to major dairy, biscuit and cereals processing companies in Australia.

Here is what they are saying...

"It's a very effective tool. We collect the metal off it and analyse the quantities collected each week. Great for keeping track of metal coming in."

"It works well, easy to clean and maintain great food safety initiative."

Magnattack Magnetic Mats are available worldwide and carry international endorsements making it a world leader in metal fragment transfer control in the food industry.