MAGNASAT Batch Sample Analysis for Magnetic Fraction Determination

Supplier: Ultra-Dynamics
09 January, 2009

A system has been developed which can rapidly determine the magnetic fractions of mineral samples.

The system developed includes the MAGNASAT technology together with a sophisticated mathematical algorithm developed to determine the percentage of the feed material at each level of magnetic susceptibility.

A finely crushed sample of material is passed through a funnel which allows the analysis of the sample particle by particle with the result displayed on a PC in graphical format.


The measurement of magnetic susceptibility is widely used in the mineral sands industry particularly in processing titanium minerals. The expected mineral recoveries are assessed by performing laboratory magnetic separations of representative samples to determine the distribution of magnetic components.

Traditionally this has been carried out using the traditional Permroll technique which is a slow and labour intensive process performed on relatively small samples.

Features and Benefits

MAGNASAT Magnetic Susceptibility System | Traditional Permroll Technique

  • Fast - typically 2 minute sample turnaround | Slow - can take 30 minutes for sample
  • Semi automatic procedure | Labour intensive - manual sample processing
  • Data can be output as csv format | Manual data processing