Luna Nameplate Projects - Computer Retail

Supplier: Luna Nameplate Industries
30 April, 2008


In the competitive I.T industry, corporate identity is crucial. LNI custom make a range of visual and functional products which enable companies to link their Corporate Identity to the product they sell.


Corporate Logo Badges

LNI manufacture Lenscal or Domed Badges to suit your specific needs. The most popular request is for the 25mm square Computer Badge that fits into the recess found in the front of most computers.

LNI’s Silk Screen or Digital Printing expertise is used to reproduce a logo or image. We then encapsulate the substrate with our Lenscal coating, giving you a premium decorative badge that looks fantastic and will be making the same professional impression in years to come that its making today.

Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper Proof labels are used in the Computer Industry for security purposes assisting with warranty and service operations. Once the label is removed it can’t be reapplied. LNI supply 2 types.

The first type uses a specialised film. Any attempted removal of the label results in the label "flaking" or "destructing" into many small pieces. The other type provides tamper evident protection using a unique adhesive system. When removed after application these labels will leave the word VOID on the substrate and in the label material.

Sold & Serviced Labels

Many of our Computer Industry clients apply “Sold & Serviced by” labels to their products which they consider a cost effective way of advertising their company. The information can include all relevant contact details which can result in referred sales and additional service contracts.