Low-Cost Wireless Pressure Transducer Ready For OEM Applications

Wireless pressure transducers are ideal for OEM applications that demand high accuracy and economic pricing.

These products make use of power to deliver high-resolution digital measurements, a feature that makes them perfect for OEM applications that require wireless connectivity.

Accurate Pressure Measurement

The wireless pressure transducer is a perfect instrument for testing the pressure of liquids and gases accurately. Well-designed transducers are compatible with a wide range of gases and liquids. A transducer uses piezoresistive technology, which enables it to measure pressure even over a small range, accurately.

With high-quality pressure transducers, it is possible to accurately measure liquid and gas pressure in harsher settings that include exposure to corrosive fluids, pressure spikes, and vibrations.

No More Physical Wiring Problems

The inconvenience of handling, and working with, pressure transducers with physical wiring is eliminated with wireless transducers. Being wireless, these devices enable the operator to access the respective machine or equipment remotely. This distance keeps the operator safe from the equipment, especially those that are hazardous (e.g. oil or gas equipment, mining equipment, etc.).

Perfect for Remote Access Applications

Applications that use pressure gauges can benefit from wireless pressure transducers, especially when the gauges are installed in locations that are difficult to access. Some examples of industries that witness the need for such remote application are cylinder gas and marine industries.

With a high-quality wireless pressure transducer, these industries can see accurate pressure readings locally on their smart devices or use the wireless capability of the transducer to access readings without having to physically reach the location where the transducer is installed, which is not possible with a pressure gauge. This wireless access capability is provided by the transducer’s router/ gateway.

Suitable for Use with Difficult Media

The sturdy design of a pressure transducer makes it a device that delivers high performance not only with favourable mediums but also with non-standard harsher mediums such as slightly corrosive fluids, contaminated water and even steam.

OEM pressure transducers from Measurex are designed specifically to meet the needs of OEM applications. Our transducers are highly accurate and deliver robust wireless communication and long battery life.

The housing and circuitry of our OEM pressure transducers are mass produced, which makes it possible for us to deliver these devices at low prices for high-volume OEM applications.

Measurex transducers can be customised to be compatible with the company’s desired communication protocol. These protocols can be your company’s proprietary protocols or popular third-party protocols.

In cases where companies are using a controller-based system, MeasureX can deliver a customised solution by providing the Attribute Database. With the Database in place, companies can develop a proprietary app to integrate the wireless transducer technology into their existing system.

We have provided customised solutions for a range of industries including Construction, Marine, Metal, Rail and Transportation, Oil and Gas, Power and Energy and Chemical sectors. Our extensive experience enables us to provide the best customised solutions for your OEM applications.

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