Lifting Magnets – which Technology?

Supplier: Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics By: Ian Heard
10 December, 2009

One way to know if your permanent lifting magnets are safe.

Not all permanent lifting magnets are created equal. The Tecnomagnete MaxX range of magnetic lifters features what is known as ‘neutral crown’ technology. This patented system ensures that the magnetic flux or energy is directed to where it is needed - the working face of the magnet.

Permanent lifters that do not employ this technology can be dangerous as magnetic energy can be drawn away from the working face by, for example, a piece of steel touching the sides or top of the magnet. Should this occur, the lifter is compromised and may lose its load.

Users of permanent lifting magnets can test the effectiveness and safety of a magnet in the following way: with the magnet on steel plate and turned on, the top and sides of the magnet should have no attraction to a piece of steel placed on them. Tecnomagnete’s neutral crown technology provides the assurance of safest magnetic lifting under all conditions. The range includes 8 models from 125 to 2000 kgs lifting capacity and is stocked by Serpent and Dove® Pty Ltd.