Lifting magnets for many applications

Supplier: Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics By: Ian Heard
19 July, 2010

"Finding ways with magnets" is the motto that drives Serpent and Dove, so with lifting magnets S&D has the range and experience to find a way.

Serpent and Dove offers a very full range of magnets for steel lifting applications. With many years of experience and a range of magnets to suit almost any steel lifting duty, Serpent and Dove can provide practical advice on how to properly select and safely use lifting magnets.

For anything from steel beams to large steel plates, sheet, steel coils, billets, rounds, pipe and tube there is an appropriate lifting magnet or lifting magnet system solution. Lifting magnets, chosen and used correctly can greatly enhance safety and reduce production times by removing the need to sling loads with chain or webbing.

For routine plate lifting up to 2 tonnes, Serpent and Dove offers a popular range of manual on /off permanent magnetic lifters which can be used individually or in multiples on a beam.

Permanent lifting magnets are rated with a 3:1 safety factor when used on correct thickness steel and they require no electric power.

Options for other lifting magnet types extends to heavy lifting permanent-electro types which feature low power consumption and capacities up to 30 tonnes or more.