Lifting magnet technology leads the way

Supplier: Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics By: Ian Heard
29 January, 2010

Not all lifting magnets are as attractive as they should be.

The availability of low cost rare earth magnet materials over the last decade has led to a proliferation of relatively small, lightweight permanent lifting magnets.

A variety of construction methods and technologies has been employed in these magnetic lifters, not all of them as effective as they should be.

The MaxX series of lifting magnets from Tecnomagnete is the world's most recognized and sold brand because of its unique, patented 'neutral crown' technology. This means that all of the magnetic energy available for lifting is focused at the face of the magnet.

Some inferior technologies allow significant magnetic field to appear at the sides and top of the lifting magnet. This is not only less effective but in some cases, unsafe.

The accompanying picture shows an inferior magnet, already clamped to a steel plate, being lifted by another steel plate clamped to its rear. When this occurs, the available strength at the face of the magnet is compromised.

This creates the dangerous possibility of loss of load should the back of the lifting magnet come into contact with a steel component during a lift.

This cannot occur with MaxX magnetic lifters because they employ a monoblock construction and a balanced magnetic circuit pushing all the available magnetic 'flux' to the lifting face.

MaxX lifting magnets and all of the Tecnomagnete range are available in Australia from Serpent and Dove Pty Ltd.