Let there be light!

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering
07 November, 2020

Opal Acrylic and opal polycarbonate sheets offer designers, architects, builders and households with glazing options that are safer and cheaper than glass or “rice paper” alternatives.

Allplastics can offer clients cut to size and cut to shape services for external and internal applications. Opal acrylic will diffuse the light beautifully and is eleven times stronger than glass. For heavy duty application opal polycarbonate offers a remarkable 250 times the strength of glass!

Recently Allplastics provided the newly opened Shito Ryu Karate Do Gabu Kai International Studio with cut to size opal acrylic panels for their windows and partitions. Ivonne Henriquez who operates the Forestville studio was impressed with the result: “Allplastics offers a wonderful service and provided our karate studio with various options” she added “students and instructors love the ambience of diffused light during daylight hours and the opal acrylic is much safer than glass.”

Opal Acrylic can be used for signage, POS displays, skylights, lighting applications, diffusers, shelving, and glazing.

Let Allplastics assist in your next residential commercial or hospitality fit out.

Key Features

  • 11 times the impact resistance of standard glass
  • Easily fabricated, cut, drilled, and polished
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Fully recyclable
  • Lightweight material
  • Outstanding UV resistance
  • Temperature range: Up to +75ºC, +90ºC short term
  • Very good resistance to weak acids and alkalis


  • Diffusers
  • Displays and display cases
  • Lighting
  • Partitions
  • Point Of Sale
  • Photography
  • Shelves
  • Working models and signage
  • Signage
  • Lit up seating