Let's get exotic about steel

Supplier: Upwey Valve & Engineering
11 September, 2013

Exotic steel for piping systems is commonly used in applications which are corrosive or exhibit media properties that will corrode or erode standard grades of steel such as carbon steel in a short period of time.

The selection of the correct material for long-term reliability is a complex subject and requires careful consideration of factors such as chemical composition, temperature, media composition and environmental conditions to name a few. 

In some instances correct selection of materials will require the input of a multi-disciplinary team of mechanical engineers, metallurgists, chemists and process engineers.

In valve manufacture, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex steel are the most commonly used products with some specialised application for Hastelloy, titanium and other alloys.

As the demands placed on piping systems increases, the need for valves that are able to work reliably in hostile environments is also increasing.

UVE has been supplying our valve range in exotic steels for many years and continues to work closely with our clients in  identifying the most cost effective and reliable options in severe service applications.

Our Australian manufactured range of valves can be custom manufactured to your requirements in stainless steel, duplex, super duplex steel and Hastelloy and have applications in mineral processing, slurry transport, mine dewatering, sewerage, power generation, cement, paper & pulp and CSG/LNG plants.