Leading logistics, storage packaging company turns to Intercept

Supplier: Intercept Australia
23 October, 2014

Buranapa Group Co.,Ltd. is a cutting edge logistics and storage packaging company with 30 years experience. To offer the market a total solution Intercept Anti-corrosion and Static dissipative products were required.

Buranapa Group offers all aspects of packaging such as returnable and reusable systems as well as Intercept shrink wrapping for large items.

Buranapa has in house experience in designing, manufacturing all kinds of material handling products including pallets, crates, and boxes.

The company operates facilities covering over 14,500 square metres in Thailand's leading material handling hub central to all manufacturing areas on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. Buranapa services all industries with experience in automotive, energy, electronics, military and resources.

Their service team can help customers with the most stringent demands or an unsurpassed massive supply of packaging in either Milk Run or Just in Time manufacturing styles, certified under ISO 9OO1:2008.