Latest PowerPac calculation apps released

Supplier: Spearhead Software Pty Ltd By: Kerry Busby
28 October, 2019

Spearhead are pleased to announce the release of PowerPac 7 Mobile and PowerPac 7 Plus App Both versions of the app are now available for download on the iTunes and Play stores

Based on Spearhead Software’s flagship program PowerPac and following on from the release of version 7 the latest Apps are designed to assist the user of AS/NZS3008:2017 & AS/NZS3000:2018 in Australia and New Zealand do the complex mathematical functions described in these Standards quickly, easily and accurately

The free version versions have limited functionality and are designed to get you started and will assist you in evaluating the use and flow of the mobile Apps before using the in-app purchase to get the full premium features

The look and feel of these Apps have been designed to flow smoothly through the calculations whilst keeping the methodology as close to our main Windows and Mac versions as possible

More details on the Free versions and the additional features can be viewed on our website. Click Here to check them out