Kelair's Kral triple-screw pumps the good oil at power station

Supplier: Kelair Pumps Australia
02 March, 2006

Kelair was recently successful winning a tender to supply a complete fuel oil package to a major Australia power generation company. The fuel oil skid is bound for a coal-powered power station in New Caledonia.

The package includes two Kral models MF triple-screw pumps, two Viking external gear pumps, flowmeters, associated valves and pipework, all mounted on a common draining-type skid frame in accordance with Australian standards.

Kral triple-screw positive displacement pumps are the perfect choice for the pumping of diesel fuel oils, due to the tight clearances associated with the triple-screw technology which improves the performance delivery.

They are a compact close-coupled design and require very little space on the skid, and in this case come in a vertical mounted design.

The flow output is of a non-pulsing nature and provides a smooth delivery without pressure fluctuations or turbulence.

The Kral MF triple-screw range is capable of flows up to 44 l/min and pressures up to 40 bar and is siutable for thin liquids such as diesel fuel oil, to viscous heavy fuel oils.