Keeping Sauce Hot

Supplier: SBH Solutions
27 February, 2008

Tony Di Sebastiano of Da Vinci Foods had a problem — he needed to keep product processed at a high temperature hot enough to then use over an extended period of time. He found the solution — LMK high performance heater jackets.

Da Vinci Foods needed to keep a batch of sauce processed at 90ºC as near as possible to this temperature is a holding vat.  While he could have had a specific jacket made for his vat, a trial of the standard HHD drum heater (leaving a small gap of around 200mm covered by use of extension straps) proved successful.

“The jacket is working great and has helped us keep product above required temperature in the holding vat.  It was also a good commercial decision as it is relatively cheap (compared to other ways), is safer and separate insulation is not required for the vat” states Tony.