JLG simplifies service and statutory compliance


JLG’s Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program (CPMP) is the simple and efficient answer to fleet maintenance needs.

Speaking to Rob Branch, Director- Customer Care Australia & New Zealand, the benefits of JLG's CPMP are wide-ranging and offer clear advantages for equipment owners.

"The program has been designed so each month the customer pays a calculated, agreed amount on each machine and then we look after the statutory and maintenance requirements of those machines," Rob explained.

"We visit each machine every 3 months to do an inspection, which is part of the statutory requirements, and then at the end of the year we do the more comprehensive annual inspection in which engine servicing is also incorporated if required."

"Also, if at any time between these services, a part fails due to fair wear and tear, we go to site and replace it at no additional cost as this is covered in the monthly charge."

Rob believes the CPMP is beneficial for both large and small fleet owners, on several levels.

"For one thing, it takes away their need for inspection planning because we co-ordinate it, we plan it, we schedule it and we send out reminders and make it happen, which saves the fleet owner substantial administrative hours," Rob stated.

"Another key advantage is that we 're addressing the statutory requirements and helping them maintain their compliance.

"It's about the fleet owner being able to budget for their maintenance: they can lock away that monthly amount and everything's done and dusted."

While Rob notes there are some conditions around the program relating to geographical availability and the fact batteries, tyres and accidental damage to the machine are not covered, he says that the many customers utilising the program are extremely satisfied.

"This is a tried and tested program it's been in place for 8 years on an existing large national fleet, so it's certainly proven its value for one of the country's larger national hire operations" Rob said.

"We're also finding that a number of fleet owners are moving away from in-house maintenance, realising it's not their core business, or using this as an option to supplement their maintenance functions, and that's where the benefits of our CPMP can really come into play.

"The program is also extremely valuable for smaller customers, say a convention centre that's got half a dozen machines or a distribution centre that's got five machines, and for customers with nationwide warehouse operations," he stated. "These are all places where they may not have a maintenance division, and that's where we can fill that need for them; this is where the program really adds value.

"The fact is, JLG's Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program has benefits for all our customers in supporting the quality performance of their equipment - no matter what the size or nature of their businesses."

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