Itech successfully completes storm water harvesting projects in Sydney

Itech Corporation has successfully completed several storm water harvesting projects in and around Sydney, and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in this important environmentally responsible initiative by various councils.

The past few years have seen the progressive implementation of storm water harvesting projects by councils in and around Sydney in NSW.

Itech Corporation has leveraged its fully integrated engineering capabilities to varying project specific degrees to design, manufacture, engineer, construct, install and commission several storm water harvesting projects including the turn key project for Blacktown Council at Angus Creek and the Blacktown International Sports Park, the control system and the pump panels at the Sydney Park storm water harvesting system, the storm water harvesting system upgrade for Kogarah Council's facility at Carlton, the pump control system and software for the storm water harvesting system at Cintra Park, and various other projects.

Storm water harvesting provides environmental and conservation benefits to the stakeholders and the community they serve. The applications typically involve a combination of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering scope and whilst the flow rates and pump sizes are generally on the small size, the process control is not trivial and warrants thorough engineering.

Itech Corporation has developed a suite of software and engineering designs for control and monitoring of storm water pumping, treatment and storage systems based on well supported equipment from successful and established manufacturers.

Itech Corporation, with the excellent support of suppliers and contractors, seeks to be active in providing systems solution in this important area ito the future.