Interfacing with the MEX Maintenance Software

MEX Maintenance Experts
MEX Maintenance Experts

With more and more companies realising they require a maintenance system to make their life easier, the question then comes to mind – how will this maintenance system work with our existing financial package?

Maitland Explains: Interfacing with the MEX Maintenance System

Some Maintenance Systems come with some sort of financial functionality, however they are called Maintenance Systems for a reason. MEX is a Maintenance Software, designed by maintenance experts for maintenance people. Having said this, MEX can be easily configured to work alongside any Financial Package a company already has implemented.

On its own, MEX is a powerful asset management and maintenance package, with a number of features specifically designed to make life easier for you and your staff. This comes from our passion to deliver a system that is reliable, flexible and easy to use. Use MEX because you want to and everything else because you have to.

Every interfacing situation is different, hence why we shape our interfaces around your specific requirements. Getting two systems talking is not a complicated task. At the design stage, the customer can indicate what data he needs pushed across from MEX.

Our programmers can then create the required export process and also push the files into the required file format. This can then be used with the middleware for the particular financial service to import the data.

As an example, an interface could involve exporting Purchase Orders (PO), Receipts and Requisitions out of MEX so that your accountants and management can process these orders. Companies generally will have an approval process already set up in their existing financial package.

So instead of duplicating the process already in place the PO/Receipts are pushed across from MEX to the financial system to go through the established approval process. If the PO is declined, the financial package can be programmed to send back a decline notice to MEX which will go ahead and decline the PO. This allows the user to revise and resubmit the PO for approval again

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