Innovative technology and unmatched versatility: The New Tennant T300

22 Feb 2021

Introducing the new Tennant T300 Walk-behind Scrubber - the first scrubber of its kind equipped with Tennant’s next generation ec-H2O NanoClean technology plus innovative new features that deliver reliable, high performance results at a lower cost to clean.

The T300 is a compact, easy to use machine with unmatched versatility in the industry, providing unsurpassed cleaning performance on virtually any hard floor surface. The T300 also addresses key cleaning challenges for facility managers, delivering outstanding scrubbing results to enhance a facility’s image, whilst improving health and safety, and minimising maintenance costs.

The T300 is Tennant’s most versatile machine to date, available with multiple configurations to optimise cleaning performance on most hard floor surfaces from smooth, polished concrete to grouted floors and stone. Configuration options include single disk, orbital, dual disk and new to Tennant’s walk-behind scrubber range, dual cylindrical. Tennant’s new dual cylindrical configuration reduces the need for pre-sweeping floors, and provides exceptional results on uneven surfaces. The T300 is also equipped with the Insta-ClickTM magnetic head, which allows operators to change brushes and pads easily, safely and quickly, as well as Tennant’s patented parabolic squeegee for outstanding water recovery in a single pass.

The T300 features a new optional Pro-PanelTM LCD touchscreen interface that provides simplified operation with easy to understand graphics and video tutorials. The touchscreen also allows for programmable Zone SettingsTM, to set specific machine settings for different locations and floor types, taking the guess work out of the cleaning process to ensure consistent results. The Pro-PanelTM also features on-demand video tutorials on machine operation and maintenance. This helps minimise operator training and improves operator confidence in using the machine for increased uptime.

"Tennant is continually innovating to improve our customer's cleaning operations with high performance sustainable technologies. It’s our commitment to drive innovation in both cleaning technology and cleaning process to help our customers  clean more places, clean better, and clean for less," said Dave Huml, Tennant Company Senior Vice President of Marketing.

The T300 is Tennan'’s first scrubber equipped with the next generation cleaning innovation,
ec-H2O NanoCleanTM. Like the original ec-H2OTM technology, ec-H2O NanoCleanTM electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution with the same great benefits and now cleans better, cleans more soils and is effective in more applications. The converted water is created by an onboard e-cell that generates millions of microscopic bubbles - nanobubbles - per millilitre of solution. These nanobubbles then promote the cleaning efficacy of the solution. ec-H2O NanoCleanTM effectively removes typical daily soils as well as more stubborn soils like food greases, without leaving chemical residue. This improves floor traction and increases safety within the facility.

The new Tennant T300 is engineered for productivity and versatility. Contact us today for an onsite demonstration and to see ec-H2O NanoCleanTM firsthand.