Injuries caused by cutting, we've heard plenty of nasty stories!

By using safety knives in the workplace, cut injuries are significantly reduced. So it is not surprising that health and safety administrators are among the keenest proponents of safety knives.

Introducing safety knives into the workplace is one of the easiest ways to reduce injury and costs associated, such as those incurred from lost productivity, lost potential output and the cost of providing support and treatment to injured workers.  Avoiding just one accident in the workplace will reduce these direct and indirect costs which are imposed on employers, workers, and the community.

But which knife is the right one for you? That's where MARTOR can assist you. 

Our core competence is safety knives and, as the international market leader, we have been setting benchmarks for more than 40 years in protecting people and goods. We know that quality and performance are important as well as ergonomic design, ease of use and durability. Our three safety technologies - SECUMAX, SECUPRO, AND SECUNORM - make choosing a safety knife an easy task.  

The MARTOR safety technologies are as follows: 

  • SECUMAX = Maximum Safety via concealed blades. The blade is not open but concealed and is shielded from the user and the goods giving you a maximum degree of safety from cut injuries whilst cleverly protecting your goods.
  • SECUPRO = Very High Safety via fully automatic blade retraction. The intelligent cutting tool! As soon as the blade leaves the cutting material it withdraws automatically into the handle - without the user having to do anything. That's what we call a very high degree of safety.
  • SECUNORM = High Safety via automatic blade retraction. Thumbs up for a high degree of safety! As soon as you start cutting, remove your thumb from the slider and the blade will disappear into the handle the moment it loses contact with the material being cut. 

By determining the level of safety you require, then understanding the materials being cut as well as the user and their work environment we are able to help you make the best choice of MARTOR knife for your cutting application.

With over 150 different safety knives in the range finding the right knife will always be possible with MARTOR, whether for use in industry, office, logistics, warehousing or even crafting.

Contact MARTOR Australia today so we may assist in reducing cut injuries. 



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