Infrared Heating: Save Money, Save Space, Save Trouble

15 Nov 2020

The world is growing more efficient as it strives for automation and sustainability.

Every sector of industry is seeking and adopting new technologies and methods for operations. While most of the media focuses on the IT side of things, there are still major innovations for the practical and hands-on aspects of operating a business or running a home. Heating a business for working conditions or guests is no different. Recent design and innovation has made radiant heating (also referred to as infrared heating) easy and cost-efficient for anyone to implement.

What is infrared radiant heat?

Infrared radiant heating is a form of heating that uses infrared waves to directly heat a surface rather than the surrounding air. As the heating element in the system builds up, it is then released, and much like the sun’s rays, it travels in a straight line unaffected by wind or other elements. The object, whether it’s a surface or a person, then absorbs the infrared heat. This is much more effective than heating the surrounding air.


Infrared radiant heating is more efficient. There are no moving parts. There is no filter. Those things would need to be maintained, repaired, or replaced. The cost of radiant heater ownership and operation is minimal when compared to other heating systems.

Heating objects directly is more effective than heating the air around them. If you’re a café or restaurant owner and you want to accommodate outdoor seating, you can position some clunky mushroom gas heaters around the space (leaving less room for tables and chairs) and watch as people huddle beneath them. Air also moves, especially when outdoors. An infrared heater, which can be customized for any space and décor, will heat any and every surface in its range where heat can be absorbed, whether it’s an object or a person. This way, your guests aren’t chasing the warmth around or missing out on warmth.

Health and safety

Infrared heating is also safer and healthier. Conventional heating systems circulate air. In enclosed spaces, especially industrial areas, this can kick up dust and other harmful particles that could lead to unnecessary health risks. In the old days, there was nothing you could do about that; but now infrared heating does the job with just a beam of heat similar to the sun’s rays.

Our gas tube, ceramic panel, and electric infrared heaters can be made to fit your space and needs, customized in how they’re controlled and in which direction you wish to direct the heat. If you’re dealing with hard-to-heat spaces, we can customize for versatility. It’s that simple.