Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SuperDome! A large robust and portable Shelter for any worksite requiring ease of set up and pack down and a cost effective solution to industrial applications.

When you are working with Shell V Power, Top Gear Live and Ready Set Go Events Management Company, its not hard to produce superheros if you add Giant Inflatables to the mix!

The SuperDome is sexy enough to work with Top Gear and Ready Set Go Event Management Company and robust and portable enough to work on any worksite requiring cover, lighting, protection, ease of set up and pack down, cost effective work station, workshop, shelter or storage facility.

The Giant Inflatables SuperDome can:

  • be packed onto a single pallet,
  • provide 176cm2 of weather proof space to accommodate any activity
  • can be installed, cabled with power, audio and video feeds,
  • ready for use and habitation in under 4 hours!

The SuperDome is 19m in diameter and 9m high.  Its name, when it is not a SuperHero, is “Inflatable Frame Tent” or “Clarke Kent Tent”. But we know it as


Shell V-Power SuperDome