Inflatable Products Create Innovative Solutions for Common Problems

14 Feb 2021

Inflatable products that are used for industrial applications are the new horizon for cost effective easy to use and labor efficient operations.

These include inflatable plugs and inflatable stoppers, inflatable pipe plugs and inflatable void formers.

There are new technologies of inflatable products that offer strength and smart and innovative design options.

One of these products is the Matrix Web - drop stitch technology which offer inflatable products that can be inflated to very high pressures to become very stiff.

Its often used for inflatable boat floors, floating service ponts , inflatable stretchers for first response,loading docks and flood gates

When time is of the essence and manpower is needed to attend an emergency, the last thing needed is a bulky, time consuming structure to set up.  This is where inflatable shelters are so effective and efficient.  With set up taking up to 7 minutes and managed by one person, the actual job at hand can be attended to without delay.

This is also true for major construction works or concrete laying works.  Adjoining inflatable temporary shelters can spped up works by protecting workers from the elements and ensuring the work can be complete no matter the weather.  Inflatable structures are extremely durable, are quick and easy to inflate, use and pack away.