Industry proven pallet wrappers at an affordable price

Supplier: Power Packaging
12 February, 2014

Choosing the right stretch wrapping machine can become quite a daunting task, however there are some basic questions than can be answered when looking for the right machine that can make this process much easier.

Some things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a machine are:

How many pallets will be wrapped daily? What is the maximum weight of a pallet? What is the maximum height of a pallet? Will the pallet be loaded by a forklift or a pallet jack or both? Is clear or black film being used? Is a mechanical "Pre-Stretch" or a Powered "Pre-Stretch" film delivery system better for my application?

The answers to these questions will ultimately provide a basis on what range of machines will be suitable for your needs.

Our trained sales staff are only too happy to provide an obligation free on-site assessment.