27 Mar 2020

With more than thirty years of proven capability supplying defence sectors, APC Technology delivers high performing, ruggedised equipment and technology solutions engineered for all defence domains.

Working directly with Defence Forces, Primes and commercial operators, our defence-ready technology is in service at commercial and classified defence installations across Australia and the world.

Our methodology drives innovation: challenging the impossible and embracing the unknown. This means we will always find a way to deliver reliable, quality assured solutions, and optimal performance from the command centre to the frontline.


Having partnered with leading global suppliers for over three decades, we understand the unique needs of the defence sector. Our diverse client base has injected dynamism, pushing us further, and supporting stability and reliability of service.

  • Land, Sea, Air & Space
  • Command, control & communication
  • Surveillance & Domestic security
  • Deployment logistics
  • Obsolescence planning
  • Defence-ready systems & processes


Every technology solution we prototype, engineer, test and maintain is unique, designed for the specific needs and requirements of our defence clients. Some of our defence-ready solutions include:

  • Communication systems
  • Mission control systems
  • Consoles
  • Flight computers and recorders
  • Quality of life systems
  • Modular rackmount systems
  • Message handling systems
  • Uninterruptible power supply.