Industrial manipulators in the paper and packaging Industry

Supplier: Posilift Pty Ltd
08 August, 2018

In the packaging, paper and printing industries, a common use of lift assist devices is for the easy and safe repetitive lifting and inclining of Roll, Reels and Bobbins weighing up to 500kg.

They make the task safer and easier and improve productivity and work safety. Products handled include paper, plastic films, metal films, composite products, non-woven fabric rolled film product.

The Rigid Articulating Arm of a manipulator has a major advantage when taking rolls or reels off a machine “eye to the wall”, inclining and positioning on pallet “eye to the sky” or vice versa. Depending on operation and product, loads can be gripped by using an expanding mandrel, pneumatic clamping jaws or venturi vacuum. Other uses in this industry includes the handling of print cylinders on and off a machine or the handling cartons, boxes or plastic containers. .

All our solutions are specifically designed to suit the customers requirements, operation and working environment.