"I can't afford to save money" I hear you say

Most people focus on the fact that XSNano saves money by reducing their fuel consumption. Well, that's just a bonus. What they should be focusing on is just how XSNano saves you that money.

We are not a "new" company but this is a "new" product. Lubrication Solutions P/L have been selling lubricants for two decades.

This is "New" nano technology, and an amazing breakthrough in science.

"I can't afford to save money" I hear you say.

You can't afford not to.

Most people focus on the fact that XSNano saves money by reducing their fuel consumption.

Well, that is just a bonus. What they should be focusing on is just how XSNano saves you that money.

We market XSNano as a "Fuel Saver" to grab your attention. Sure it saves fuel (and does it well) but it is what XSNano does to save that fuel that counts the most.

XSNano (through new Nano technology) provides a complete burn of the fuel you use (petrol or diesel), reduces the build up of carbon in engines, protects the engine and fuel system from oxidation and corrosion, increases octane and cetane in fuel, and lubricates engines and fuel systems so they operate at premium efficiency and power.

I hear every day about people forking out money for repairs that could have been avoided by maintaining a clean and lubricated system.

Fuels and oils

The fuel and oil we use today are terrible? Lead and Sulfur have been removed from fuels and ZDDP from oils, and there are other problems with additions of bio fuels, Ethanol etc. Storage is another main factor in fuel degradation.

It does not matter how old your vehicle or engine is, you could have a new car or truck, but the fuel going in it is terrible for the engine. Carbon build up can choke an engine causing severe damage.

Catalytic converters and SCR (selective catalytic reduction) units were introduced to re-burn exhaust to reduce NOx and carbon build up, but ZDDP was corroding the systems and was removed from oil.

XSNano cleans the system and keeps it clean, a complete burn of fuel burns off the NOx gasses and carbon in the combustion chamber, XSNano lubricant provides lubrication to the system, so your engine will run better, run cleaner and last much longer that those not using XSNano.

This is why you should buy XSNano, the fact that it also saves you far more money than it costs is simply a bonus.

  • Developed using Liquid Nano- technology.
  • Super-concentrated -1ml treats 10litres of fuel (50ml bottle treats 500ltrs of fuel)
  • Environmentally friendly – reduce harmful exhaust pollution up to 98%
  • Effectively inhibit or eliminate carbon deposits in combustion chamber including the spark plug, fuel spray nozzle, gas inlet valve, gas exhaust valve etc.
  • Clean Carbon and colloid and impurities from the fuel system.
  • Increases octane rating of petrol by 4-8 RON
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs and extends engine life
  • Fuel will not suffer condensation and stratification
  • XSNano CANNOT cause any damage to engines.

Product effects

  • Fuel saving up to 28%
  • Reduce harmful emissions and pollutants up to 98%
  • Cleanses the entire fuel system of carbon residue and sediments up to 99%
  • Increase engine power up to 34%
  • Protects the engine and fuel system from oxidation and corrosion.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Extend your vehicle lifespan.

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