Hylec now offers Road Core Drilling Trailers – A design that has been refined for over 40 years!

Core drilling is an indispensable, vibration free, method of forming clean holes in structural concrete and other building materials.

Road core drilling trailers are used as an alternative to manual drilling machines or heavy-duty truck mounted drilling machines. The manual units have to be lifted and positioned manually and the truck-mounted units are an expensive option if you want to drill less than a metre and are using one capable of drilling into 100 metres.

Concrete core drilling refers to diamond tipped barrels that are capable of drilling through masonry products and when complete leaves a neat circular penetration through the drilled surface. Diamond tipped core drilling in Sydney is one of the only ways to drill through heavy steel re-enforced concrete and asphalt overlay. And does not have any vibration, so it is perfect for sensitive areas.

These drilling trailers:

  • Are available in heavy-duty model suitable for a day’s continuous operation and requiring a light truck to tow them and two people to manipulate the trailer. Whereas the light-duty trailer can be towed by a car, operated by one person and is suitable for one to two hours continuous operation.
  • Are suitable for coring both asphalt and concrete, normally use on-board water for cooling. Units are also available that are air-cooled where it is necessary to prevent water damage to the cores.
  • Are a convenient way for drilling holes in airport runways for installation of runway lights.
  • Include hydraulically operated drilling motor and feed and include the take-off point for connection to a portable drilling rig for drilling holes in walls, etc. where not accessible by trailer.
  • The units are becoming popular because they eliminate the health and safety issues around manually operated drilling machines and are a cost-effective way of making road core samples.
  • Include a range of core diameters are available for drilling to depths over one-metre.

Core Drilling Uses:

Core drilling is used when a job calls for the drilling of circular holes in reinforced concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, brick, sandstone and other structural materials. Concrete drilling can be used for the following:

  • Airport Runway/Taxiway lighting
  • Making cores for strength testing
  • Drilling in pavement, walls, ceilings, roofs or sloping surfaces
  • Drill depths to your specifications
  • Installation of large bolts in floors and walls
  • Bridge decks for dowels
  • Bolts for structural steel
  • Highway/Road barricade and guardrail installations
  • Railways
  • Liquid nitrogen drilling for no stains and no mess
  • Dry drilling is available for the right applications

With these European-manufactured core drilling trailers, you get 40 years of design refinement. Hylec also offers a range of soil testing machines and compaction machines. For a quotation, contact Hylec Controls via the contact form on this page.