Hydraulic Lifting Tables from Larzep Australia

Supplier: Larzep Australia
28 May, 2012

Larzep Australia presents a range of hydraulic lifting tables designed for difficult material handling situations.

Available in two regular sizes, these hydraulic lifting tables provide up to 1500kg capacity and 1555ml lift, filling an awkward gap in the market. Custom units can be manufactured to suit the specific requirements of customers. Larzep's hydraulic lifting tables have found many uses in industry to solve specialised material handing issues in the workplace.  
In addition to manual hydraulic lifting, Larzep has also manufactured these units to be operated with an air over hydraulic power pack. The hydraulic lifting tables only require 100psi of shop air to provide the full load capacity of the tables.  
The two models include a single scissor lift to 910mm with a load capacity of 1500kg and a double lift to 1555mm with a load capacity of 500kg. Both material handling systems are manufactured in Spain to ISO9001:2000 standards and meet all required CE safety directives.  
The hydraulic lifting tables can be mechanically locked in a number of different positions with safety pins supplied with the units for additional security during long periods of extension with a load.  
Key features of Larzep hydraulic lifting tables:

  • Foot operated pedal is used for fast extension to the required height
  • Hand lever is used to lift the table, once the load is placed on the table
  • Table dimension of 1080 x 520mm ensures a good useable area
  • Both models come complete with a precise lowering valve and an overload safety valve
  • Lowering valve accurately meters the oil and allows for a controlled and safe lowering speed to suit the operator perfectly
  • Both models feature heavy duty swivel casters and a T-handle to easily steer the table

Larzep Australia operates through a nationwide network of authorised distributors to provide local expertise and support.