How Dehumidifiers Prevent Corrosion

01 Jul 2021

Prevent Corrosion in Turbines

The Problem: Metal Corrosion

During stopages, turbines tackle very severe corrosion risks. If appropriate measures are not taken, corrosion can cause a lot of damage to many different system components, and can result in major disruptions to the restart. 

Rate of corrosion accelerates, when Relative Humidity crosses a critical level. Above this level industrial pollutants, like Sulphur-Di-Oxide, also, enhance the corrosion rate as the corrosion is faster when surfaces are exposed to polluted air in combination with high relative humidity.


Why is Corrosion a Problem?

Corrosion causes rust and leads to component deterioration, equipment malfunctions and decreased plant life span. This is a problem as turbine parts (such as rotors, compressor parts, bearings, buckets & blades, gearbox parts) are expensive to replace. It is much better to store turbines in a prevention environment to avoid corrosion.


Use Dehumidification to Prevent Corrosion

Humiscope lowers the relative humidity of the area where expensive equipment is stored using desiccant dehumidification. Desiccant dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air using a rotating silica gel wheel. Relative Humidity can be reduced to below 20%RH and can be housed outside. 


Rental Dehumidifers

Humiscope provides rental dehumidifiers for your site to use during shut down periods. Units can be delivered when needed and returned when the site goes back on-line. With our rental units,  equipment can be maintained in well-preserved condition ready to go whenever required.