How can custom printed tape help promote your business?

Custom printed tape
Custom printed tape

As a business we're always trying to consider new and better ways of promoting our business and making it stand out from others. How about considering custom printed tape?

What's an inexpensive way of making a small business look larger and more substantial in the eyes of the consumer? It may even help provide confidence in your brand. Even a larger business must consider ways of promoting their brand. This is where custom printed tape can work so well.

Think about when you send out those packages and boxes to your customer and the package they receive is the first solid impression they get of your business. Simply turn your plain paper packaging into advertising resulting in instant recognition or your parcels.

Get Packed can arrange custom printed tape from 24mm up to 144mm wide to be printed with your company logo, a promotional message, a website or phone number - or anything you want. We can print on polypropylene, PVC and even filament tape in both hand rolls or machine rolls of tape. Tape colours available are clear, white, brown, yellow, red, fluro orange and green. Standard printing colours available are black, green, yellow, red, light blue, dark blue, medio blue as well as brown purple and orange. 
Colour match options are also available.

How custom printed tape is made