How are you hand wrapping your pallets?

One of the most beneficial ways to improve efficiency, safety and the effectiveness of your film is to make sure you’re wrapping correctly.

At Integrated Packaging we aim to make our films as user friendly as possible. We’ve even specifically developed Excell and Maxi lightweight, high performance film with significant OH&S benefits. However one of the most benefical ways to improve efficiency, safety and the effectiveness of your film is to make sure you’re wrapping correctly.
Below are a few helpful hints.

Wrapping the Load:

1. Attach the film to the load or pallet. If possible, slot the film between the product layers, this eliminates additional bending.

2. Ensure the film is applied with the tack against the load. Most films have the tack on the outside layer.

3. Wrap the load to the pallet

  • The amount of bottom layers required is determined by the type of load you are securing and the method of transport and handling.
  • Two layers is the recommended minimum with the appropriate film.
  • Apply the film as low as possible onto the pallet. Achieve this by swinging the bottom of the film roll out and down after the film is  stretched, step around the corner.
  • In some instances wrapping the load to the pallet is not required i.e. when slip sheeting, pallet inverting etc.

4. Start wrapping up the pallet after applying the bottom layers, ensure you apply the appropriate film overlap to the load.

5. Maintain the correct overlap and continue wrapping up the load until the top edge of the film is 50mm above the load.

6. Apply the recommended amount of top wraps before wrapping back to the bottom of the pallet. Some products may only require wrapping to the top.

7. Cut the film 300mm past the corner, then tuck or wipe the film onto itself.


Helpful Wrapping Hints:

  • Hold your arms as straight as possible; this will reduce fatigue as you are using your momentum and weight to stretch the film.
  • Do not use your arms to apply the film on the corners; simply take a sideways step around the corner.
  • Using Excell or Maxi pre stretched film walk forward not backwards to prevent a tripping accident.
  • Release the tension once the film is around the corner of the load. Let the film unwind freely until you reach your next stretching point.
  • Bending over is inevitable when wrapping the load to the pallet. However there are a few things you can do to reduce bending your back:
  • Try to straighten your back slightly as you are wrapping along the side of the load, only bending further down on the corners.
  • If possible place an additional pallet under the load, this will minimise how far you need to bend over.
  • Using a Metal Applicator will also reduce the distance you need to bend over


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