Hospital precast concrete insulation – Frankston Hospital

The new wing of the Frankston Hospital is a highly thermally efficient piece of public infrastructure constructed from precast concrete.

Frankston Hospital's striking precast concrete design by BBP Architects is also a thermally intelligent one.

The use of Thermomass insulated precast concrete sandwich panels means there is a high amount of thermal mass on the inside of the insulation envelope. This mass has the ability to absorb and release heat energy through the swings of the day and night, passively regulating the temperature with a minimum of extra heating and cooling.

Precast concrete is the perfect choice for large scale projects as it is quick to build and is practically indestructible.

The Thermomass system means that the panel is insulated as it is built, eliminating bulk insulation and plaster installers on-site, greatly reducing the cost. This makes a Thermomass wall as cost-effective as a more conventional plasterboard wall assembly.

The connectors forming the core of the Thermomass system are completely compatible with concrete, eliminating risk of cracking and spalling caused by imitation products.

Thermomass is versatile, efficient, scientifically sound, and comes with the assurance of 30 years of use.