HLP Klearfold creates guide to recycling symbols

21 Jun 2021

For the World Environment Day, HLP Klearfold, has created a useful downloadable guide to the recycling symbols found on plastic packaging

It comes after recent research that consumers want more advice and education around plastic packaging.

HLP Klearfold, the world’s largest producer of innovative and environmentally friendly printed plastic packaging commissioned a report which used Comparative Linguistics Analysis (CLA) to help unpick the language, phraseology, topics and sentiment of millions of words of public conversations and content online.

The data found that people were 7.4 times more likely to reference the term ‘advice’ when commenting on plastic packaging in 2020 compared to in 2019 and 1.9 times more likely to reference the term ‘know’ (for example “just don’t know”) in commentary on plastic packaging over that same time frame.

The analysis also highlighted that people were uncertain about regulations on how things should be recycled. With statements including “council advice is unclear” and “my present bugbear is the recycling advice on a lot of plastic packaging currently not recyclable”.

This new guide has been designed so consumers can easily identify the symbols, find out what they mean and discover whether products can be recycled or not.

Download the guide here