Hired gas detector protects in confined space

Supplier: Kennards Hire
18 June, 2012

A gas detector, hired from Kennards Lift & Shift, protected workers who were installing steel platforms in an electrical services shaft at Star City Casino in Sydney.

Urgent Works, a building maintenance firm operated by brothers Alex and Ron Griffiths since 1983, was sub-contracting to electrical and communications contractor, Stowe Australia.

The gas detector, which can monitor four gases simultaneously and continuously, ensured safe CO2 levels.

"I have never needed one before and it was very handy being able to hire it," Alex said.

Kennards Lift & Shift says hire provides a quick, cost-effective answer to confined space safety needs, and is particularly good if equipment is not required very often or extra items are needed.

Other equipment that can be hired includes tripod and recovery system and davit arm units, gas detectors and air breathing apparatus packs.

Also available are rope positioning devices, safety harnesses and safety harness spreaders, fall arrestors-inertia reels and safety lanyards.

Kennards Lift & Shift has hire centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Visit: www.liftandshift.com.au