High Accuracy Flux Gate Hall Effect Technology

LEM have released a new range of high accuracy Hall Effect Sensors for extremely demanding AC or DC Current measurement applications.

IN 2000-S - High Accuracy Current Measurement with Low Noise

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LEM have reinvented Fluxgate Technology to create a Closed-Loop Fluxgate transducer that measures DC, AC or pulsed current for 2000A.

The IN 2000-S model offers an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C, compared to the usual +10 to +40 or +50°C temperature range of traditional high accuracy 2000 A transducers, allowing it to be used in a wider range of applications in addition to labs, including test equipment for traditional industrial applications, medical equipment (e.g. MRI, proton therapy etc.), precision motor controllers and metering.

LEM's patented innovations are at the heart of this new transducer, performing maximum signal processing in the digital domain, and applying a new approach to the Fluxgate technology architecture for the ripple cancellation of the Fluxgate drive frequency. These improvements have resulted in a compact transducer, that maintains its high accuracy over a wider temperature range, with reduced noise level vs the previous generation.

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