Heavy duty platform scales for galvanising works

Supplier: Ultrahawke By: Jessica Bryant
21 September, 2010

Heavy duty platform scales manufactured by Ultrahawke were recently installed at GB Galvanising’s plant in Dandenong, Victoria.

These heavy duty platform scales were required as standard platform scales were not able to cope with weighing larger metal beams up to 24m long and weighing 5,000 kg.  

All metal passing through the galvanising plant is required to be accurately weighed before and after the galvanising process as the clients are charged for the actual amount of zinc used in the galvanising process. Ultrahawke’s heavy duty platform scales are trade approved and measure 6m long by 2.4m wide with a weighing capacity of 8,000kg.

Four Kelba KA5000 loadcells are used in the heavy Duty platform scales which feature a “Floating Deck” platform design to minimise potential loadcell damage caused by accidental side forces applied to the weighing surface of the platform scales. A Rinstrum R5000 digital weight indicator is used to generate the weight readings which are then transmitted to a Rinstrum D740 large digit remote display to ensue both the forklift and crane operators can easily see the displayed weight of the platform scales.

Ultrahawke is Australia’s oldest manufacturer of weighbridges, heavy duty platform scales and weighing equipment. Ultrahawke has sales and service agents in all states of Australia.