Hand truck for Liquide Nitrogen

Supplier: Omnia Wheel ( Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd t/a )
08 February, 2018

Air Liquide Health Care Australia needed a compact solution that would transport two liquid nitrogen dewars and two medical oxygen cylinders with minimal load tilt.

Rotacaster developed a specific two wheel hand truck to meet these requirements and the strict rules associated with handling liquid nitrogen.

It consists of a light but robust folding aluminium frame and an extra large folding toe to accommodate the two liquid nitrogen dewars and provide a compact solution. An additional frame mounted rubber extrusion significantly reduces the risk of damage to the dewars while attached straps stabilise and secure the load. A sturdy bag fixed between the frame enables the transportation of up to two additional oxygen bottles.

Other features include a release strap that enables the toe to be folded without bending, and the reduced handle height allows the operator to minimise the load tilt.