Global Pumps now distributes Affetti Pumps

A leader in the pumping industry known for providing quality solutions for pumping products for a wide range of industries, Global Pumps is now offering the Affetti range of pumps.

Affetti Vitrium

Affetti’s line of fiberglass centrifugal pumps, Vitrium, are designed to pump mildly to severely corrosive fluids in extreme environments. Internally wetted parts are reinforced with fiberglass and can withstand temperatures from -45°C to 121°C.

MSP Range

For those situations where it’s not possible to install a flooded pump, the MSP range of close coupled, self-priming pumps has been designed. Able to self-prime from a negative suction head of 4 metres, these pumps have been designed with extra thick body wall construction so that these pumps are appropriate for pumping both acidic and basic solutions. The wet ends are produced with a combination of polypropylene and PVDF. O-rings are available to suit specific chemical requirements of your pumping needs.

CGO/CMO Series

Horizontal and close coupled versions of centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals. These pumps are designed to reduce cost, both in terms of the initial capital investment required and ongoing maintenance costs. These pumps are strong, compact and over-designed to ensure maximum reliability. Mechanical seals solutions for your requirements are available, from the lip seal to primary label seals (internal, external and double flushed) with seal faces in Silicon Carbide or bellow elastomer.

Centrifugal Sump Pumps

Vertical centrifugal pumps are available in a range of materials, couplings and configurations to suit specific pumping requirements. With a prospective 3m column length, these pumps consist of the design features from other Affetti ranges – compact, over strengthened components to achieve high reliability. Available in materials to transfer acidic or basic solutions, with compatible O-rings.

In addition to pumps from Affetti, Global Pumps carries the widest range of industrial and mining pumps in Australia. This allows us to help you achieve the best possible solution for your specific pumping requirements. All situations are unique, therefore Global Pumps takes pride in consulting with our end users and our ability to provide the lowest cost, most-effective solution possible.

Affetti non-metallic pumps