Giant Inflatables helps Godfreys to draw in new customers and business

Supplier: Giant Inflatables Industrial
22 April, 2008

When vacuum and cleaning specialist Godfreys suffered from a fire in the store it was faced not only with the clean up and restoration of the shop, but also the potential loss of business because it looked like the shop had not re-opened.

Wendy Shannon, the manager in North Geelong, says that the decision to hire one of the inflatables from Giant Inflatables has proven to be an amazing draw card by letting its regular customers know that they are up, running and ready for business.

“It also tempted freeway passers with our ‘Fire Sale’ offer. The result of having the giant fox on the roof (or ‘Foxie Loxie”, as she is known to staff) is that business and door traffic has actually increased by a third of the average since she has been up.

“The significant increase in door traffic has enabled us to clear nearly all fire effected discounted lines as well as selling out of many brand new merchandise lines that were sent to replace our lost stock.”

She was also very impressed with the service and efficiency that went into the preparation of the inflatable, as well as their friendliness during a difficult time.